Picture Logic™ Project

The development of iconic and analytic tools to exhibit and differentiate among the logical structures and patterns used by people, or cultures, to represent their experience. Integrated the variant logics of Zadeh's "fuzzy sets," Brown's "laws of form," and von Neumann's "quantum logic" to provide a unified formal characterization of the structure of schizophrenic thought as depicted in the von Domarus/Arieti/Boyd principle of "identification of predicates," in the "double-bind theory" of Bateson, et. al., and in Matte-Blanco's "principle of symmetry." Recently, I have expanded this approach into more general areas of information processing and cognition and in formulating possible neurophysiological/physiochemical mechanisms to account for these and other psychological phenomena.

Oshins, E. (1987). Quantum psychology looks at Kelly's constructs. Poster session presented to 7th international congress on personal construct psychology, August 5-9, 1987, Memphis, TN. Tecp. # 5831/9-1-87., Department of Physics, Stanford University.